Kimber Wilkins
Access Level 1 Class

**As of December 1, 2015 Foundation and Level 1
have been updated to a 4 Day Foundation Class**

please go to the Foundation Class page for information and to register

Want more? After having completed an Access Foundation class, this 2 day Level 1 class opens the door to greater possibilities and choice,taking  you further into living from non-judgement.  Gain awareness of you the infinite being, and  discover "What Else is Possible" in ways you have never imagined!

Level 1 addresses topics such as:
  • Kingdom of We
  • Allowance, not judgement
  • Creating Energy Flows
  • The 5 Elements of Intimacy
  • Acoustical or Vibrational
  • Money, Abundance and Wealth
  • Rewarding Relationships including you
  • Contributing to the Earth
  • Introduction to Entities
  • 2 Energy Body Processes
  • and much, much more!
You will learn and apply practical tools to assist you in being more conscious in every aspect of your life. Ongoing use these tools will continue to contribute to your life, create more freedom and  life as you choose it.

A detailed manual is provided.  It is recommended that you take Foundation and Level 1 consecutively, as one builds on another and they work dynamically together.  Foundation and Level 1 manuals are updated every 6 months to one year, so the information is always current and relevant. 

have questions? e-mail or call or 905 691-3833

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