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Bach Flower Remedies
regain emotional balance naturally

We all experience negative states of emotion during our lives. Some pass quickly, some are character traits which have shifted out of balance. Others are a result of emergency situations, and some are the deeply rooted results of traumatic personal experience.

Bach Flower Essences are a gentle, natural means of restoring emotional balance and encouraging your bodies natural healing process. Developed in the 1930’s by Dr. Edward Bach, a doctor of both traditional and homeopathic medicine, Bach Flower Essences have enjoyed more than 80 years of success and are simple, safe and effective.  These plant based essences are complimentary and do not interfere with other supplements or medications.

These gentle yet powerful essences support us during times of change and can be used by all ages from babies to seniors including those in palliative care. They are non-addictive catalysts which dispel negative emotions and encourage the positive aspects of the personality, gently and effectively.

I am a experienced and extensively trained Bach Flower Practitioner.  After a comprehensive consultation and discussion, your custom blend is prepared and bottled. The drops are taken a minimum of 4 times daily, under the tongue or in any liquid. The effects are usually subtle and begin working immediately. Occasionally you may not even be aware of all the benefits until you happily discover you respond to an emotional trigger in a new positive way.

I stock all 38 individual Bach Flower Essences and have more than 8 years of experience working with clients to craft their most beneficial blend.

Initial 1 hour Consultation with Custom Blended Dosage Bottle – $150.00

Follow up consultations including refill (30 minutes)- $90.00

Custom Blend of Bach Flower Essences combined with any other session – $50.00 additional

Bach Flower Remedies are also very effective for our companion animals – Dogs, Cats and Horses. Please contact me for further information.


Kimber Wilkins, CF, Master Intuitive
Balanced Life Wellness

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