Kimber Wilkins

Beyond Intuition into Awareness

are you ready to become more at ease with your abilities?
willing to discover talents you didn't realize you have?

This two level Class is uniquely and dynamically created for each group of attendees and how far they are willing to go beyond their current intuition, whatever that is.  Not a run-of-the-mill class, you are invited beyond common practices to claim your unique abilities and capacities.

Side effects of attending these classes may be:
meeting other people who share your interests and abilities
gifts and talents you have hidden from yourself
a strange sense of relief and celebration of your weirdness!
more ease in additional areas of your life

Beyond Intuition into Awareness - Level 1

Topics covered include but are not limited to:
What's holding you back?  What could be created if you choose it?
What's the difference between intuition and awareness?
What are barriers and do they provide a benefit?
Connection, contribution and receiving from your personal assistants (angels, teammates etc)
The art of asking questions to increase awareness
Receiving and 'unwrapping' information
Akashic Records Level 1 Certification (reading your personal records)
Pre-requisite:  none

Next Classes:

2016 Class schedule is being created, please e-mail your requests for dates and locations

**Sunday, May 9th, 2015 -- 9:30 am - 5:30 pm 
Balanced Life Wellness, 3450 Hayhurst Crescent, Oakville

**Sunday, May 31st, 2015 -- 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Port Colborne, Ontario (address provided upon registration)

Cost:  $330.00 
Certificate of completion and manual provided,

Beyond Intuition into Awareness - Level 2

Once you have played with and assimilated the energies of the Level 1 Class, you are invited to attend Level 2.  This class introduces you to concepts and practices beyond Level 1 and way outside of where any box exists.
Please do not register for this class unless you have practiced and are comfortable reading for yourself.

Topics covered include but are not limited to:
A review of your growth and experiences since Level 1
Integrating all of your current abilities
Am I making this up?
Stepping outside of judgment and conclusion
The art of asking questions for others
Receiving and conveying information with kindness
Client care - dealing tears, laughter, denial and release with ease
The hidden gifts of reading for others
The business of being a professional reader
Inviting Money and creating with energy
Akashic Records Level 2  certification- reading the records of others 

pre-requisite:  Beyond Intuition Level 1

Next Class:

July, 2015  date to be determined

Cost:  $450.00 
Certificate of completion  and manual provided

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