Kimber Wilkins
Entity Awareness Evening

Talk to the Entities Introduction

Have you a curiosity about
 ghosts, spirits or communicating with deceased loved ones, animals in or out of bodies?  Have you ever seen or perceived beings that are not of this world? Ever wondered if a room, house, object or place in nature was haunted?  What about Portals, Walk-ins and Ringing Ears? What do entities have to do with alcohol or drug addictions, mental diagnosis?  

Did you know entities can contribute to you?

Entities are a huge although largely unacknowledged, part of life.  Although this is meant to be a general introductory discussion on the world of entities, the topics covered will be guided by the curiosity and willingness of the attendees to go beyond the norm. 

Talk to the Entities Introduction is a great way to get your feet wet with entities and begin to see the breadth and depth of this work.  This evening is about introducing you to an easier and more enjoyable world of possibilities with entities, taking this subject from creepy, unknown and possibly scary into matter of fact, clear and usable tools that can benefit everyone.  

Does this subject intrigue or make you uneasy?  Either reaction may be an indication that you should attend.

Kimber Wilkins is an Access Consciousness and Talk to the Entities Certified Facilitator and Psychic Medium, and will be leading this interactive evening.  Care to join us?

Upcoming Classes:

Talk to the Entities Introduction

This is a two hour live class conducted preceding a live Talk to the Entities Beginning Class.  As this is an introduction class there are no pre-requisites,  open to anyone with an interest in entities and entity communication.

**Friday, January 15th, 2016-- 7 - 9 pm  $50 
Niagara Region Location (yet to be determined)

*if you attend a TTTE Intro Evening and take the TTTE Beginning Class within 3 months with me, you may deduct the cost of the intro from your TTTE Beginning Class fee

                     phone 905 691-3833
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