Kimber Wilkins
Mentoring/ Facilitation

Feeling stuck, unsure?  Wanting more, seeking solutions?


fa·cil·i·ta·tion  noun 
:to make (something) easier
:to help (something) run more smoothly and effectively 

Would you like to break free from uncertainty, fear and habitual self judgement to welcome more ease and joy into your life? These one-to-one sessions are all about YOU — discovering and building upon your strengths, talents and abilities.

Receive the benefit of all the tools in my extensive toolbox built over years and years of learning and working with individuals and groups.  I  teach you new skills to change everything that is not working for you so you can start living your most phenomenal life. 
  • Connect with your inner knowing and release yourself from trauma & drama. 
  • Move with direction and strength through times of change or challenge.
  • De-clutter your life and find balance. 
  • Gain clarity and feel good about yourself!

Beginning from your initial consultation, we lay groundwork and begin the process of releasing the ‘crap’ and welcoming positive change.  Each session builds upon the last, you choose the pace that is right for you.  Definitely not your average ‘make yourself fit the format’ program, each session is tailored to your unique requirements as you grow, shift and open to more possibilities, greater ease and  a more joy filled life.  How does it get any better than that?  

What do you want to invite into your life --
  • more business success?
  • an abundance of money?
  • improved or new relationships?
  • a connection to your true self and higher consciousness?
  • new techniques or modalities to share with your clients?

One Hour Session $200.00
90 Minute Session $250.00 
Package of 3 – 60 minute sessions $540.00 
Package of 5 – 60 minute sessions $850.00 
Package of 3 - 90 minute sessions $740.00 
Package of 5 - 90 minute sessions $1170.00 or 905 691-3833

Kimber Wilkins, Master Intuitive
Balanced Life Wellness

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