Kimber Wilkins

Family Facilitation

fa·cil·i·ta·tion    :to make (something) easier
:to help (something) run more smoothly and effectively

In a family session parent(s) and child(ren) visit together and we work on whatever isn't running smoothly in the family dynamic, using a variety of tools and processes.  

These sessions are very interactive and unique and provide as much clarity and growth as you are willing to choose.  Every participant gets to experience and benefit from the clearings and learn the tools and processes. Having the whole family participate is so much easier than one adult bearing the responsibility of fixing the family dynamic!  Sound familiar?  Whose responsibility is it in your family to make everyone get along or be happy?  Would you like tools to change all that and teach your children how to ask questions that create choice and awareness? 

The children are free to pop in and out of the conversation or play. You may be surprised just how much your children are aware of and how they can contribute to their parents and the life you all share. 

In my experience, children are incredibly aware and don't carry the same amount of baggage as adults do. They access their intuitive knowing faster and with more ease, know what is true for them and choose it!

I ask that if the children bring electronic devices to play with that they turn the volume off and not use earplugs.  Lego blocks and basic colouring materials are provided, but your children are welcome to bring whatever else they feel would be fun.

If your child is a bit older, they may request some individual time while the parent relaxes in another area of the building.

Has your child has spoken about seeing people or things in your home or will not be alone in certain rooms or with particular people?  T
his is a more common experience than you may think.  

As a trained professional psychic medium and entity communicator, I can assist them with tools and processes to be more at ease and make choices that work for them.  


Family Session - 1 hour $200.00 
90 minutes $250.00
2 hours $325.00
package of 3 - 60 minute sessions $540.00
package of 5 - 60 minute sessions $850.00
package of 3 - 90 minute sessions $740.00
package of 5 - 90 minute sessions $1170.00

 or 905 691-3833

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