Kimber Wilkins

Past Life Regression or Behaviour Modification

Hypnosis is a very safe, powerful and effective tool that can be used to establish and reinforce desired changes.

Our mind works on three levels — the conscious, subconscious and superconscious.
We make decisions, think and act with our conscious mind based on our life experience.
Our subconscious controls our habits, emotions, imagination, creativity and retains our memories.
Our superconscious is our Higher Self, and is free from judgement and the drama and trauma of our human experience.

In the enhanced state of hypnosis, you are totally aware and always in control.  Following my gentle guidance, you relax your body and conscious mind to bypass our judgemental aspects and communicate directly with either the subconscious for behaviour modification, or the superconscious for past life regression.   By accessing the subconscious and making acceptable suggestions, old beliefs, habits and behaviours that no longer serve us can be modified to more beneficial ones.
We may also work with the superconscious to access past lives.  When past life regression is combined with energy psychology and intuitive guidance, huge positive shifts are made, which free us and give ongoing benefits.

I have been a Certified Consulting Hypnotist since 2009 and studied advanced techniques of Behavioural Modification and Energy Psychology with Dr. Sharon Forrest, a respected leader and pioneer in this specialized field.  I am very proud to say my clients have gained incredible insights and made huge positive shifts.

Contrary to comedic portrayal,  while in the heightened state of hypnosis, you cannot be made to do or say anything against your will or that you would not normally do.

Usual time frames are listed below for hypnosis sessions, you may require more or less time depending on your situation. Upon arrival, please let me know of any time constraints so we may work within them.

Initial consultation (approx. 2 hours) $325.00

Subsequent sessions (60 minutes) $200.00
Package of 3 sessions (60 minutes) $540.00

Kimber Wilkins, Master Intuitive
Balanced Life Wellness
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