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 I offer several different yet complimentary forms of Intuitive Readings.  When you book a session you may specify a specific type of reading or I will utilize whichever methods are required to provide you with the information you require. I am well versed in all these 'languages' and can seamlessly switch between them during the course of your reading.

In a Akashic Record Reading  We are communicating with your Infinite Being (sometimes referred to as your higher self), which has your best interest as first priority and is not attached to the trauma, drama and emotion of our human experience.
By connecting to your Akashic records, you may know yourself and others from a much broader level of awareness.  Any questions you ask will be answered through connecting to the possibilities of the Universe.   In an Akashic Records reading, you have access to information about who you truly are, where you are on your current soul path, how to overcome your current challenges, and much more!  This is an amazing empowering tool that connects you directly to your being, and provides you with details on what action you can take to create more ease and joy in your life.

The Akasha is an energy field or matrix that exists all around us, it is how we are all connected. 
It holds the thoughts, memories, experiences and truth of all that has happened and possibilities of what else could happen.  It is a living field, ever expanding and reshaping itself. It is often considered a library holding the knowledge, wisdom and truth of each being. You as an individual, have your own 'energetic book' in this hall of records.

Psychic readings are related to the physical here and now, whereas Akashic Record Readings are from a higher up perspective, offering a broader insight.  
I consider an Akashic Records Reading like viewing the street from the top of a tall building with broad sight lines in all directions, whereas a Psychic reading is given from a street level perspective .  Both methods are valid and useful. 

Mediumship is communication with our Loved Ones on the other side.  
Yes, pets are included and often are the first to show up at a reading.  
Please consider that if your loved one had strong opinions or wasn't a skilled communicator in life, they may or may not have changed those traits :) .  
Messages are conveyed along with the re-assurance that they are not 'gone', that their being lives on, and they are indeed watching over you and may be leaving you signs.  
(Psst....All Mediums are Psychic, but not all Psychics are Mediums)

Entity Communication includes entities of all sorts.  
You may know them as Guardian Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, fairies, earth spirits etc.
I prefer to call them Teammates.  My world includes many types of entities not commonly acknowledged,  but available and asking to be acknowledged.  Many desire to contribute to us and the earth.  Some are asking for our assistance.  Would you like to know who or what is available to you, how to request their help, or how you can be of assistance?  

about a reading with me....
All information is conveyed as received, at the current time, with the intention of being for your benefit.  You have at all times absolute free will and free choice to do with it what you will

The utmost respect for your privacy and confidentiality is provided.  You may take notes and/or request the session be recorded and e-mailed to you for download on your computer.

Sessions must be prepaid.  Please allow at least 2 days for your payment to be received when booking your session.

In person, via telephone or Skype 
One hour reading -  $200.00 
90 Minute Session - $250.00 

30 Minute Consultation (follow up only) 100.00  

 You may have your reading recorded and e-mailed to you in MP3 format, please indicate if you would like this option at the beginning of our session.

Questions?  E-mail or phone 905 691-3833
Kimber Wilkins, CF, Master Intuitive
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