Kimber Wilkins
Looking for a Bars Practitioner in your area?

A few of the many talented Acess Bars Practitioners I have had the pleasure of teaching or working with. Listed by location

BP = Certified Bars Practitioner (offers sessions)
BF - Certified Bars Facilitator (offers sessions and teaches Access Bars Classes)
EFP- Energetic Facelift Practitioner 

Burlington, Ontario                                                            Burlington, Waterdown, Hamilton, Ontario
Trish Sawatzky, BF Kathy Gloge, BF, EFP
905 401-0227         Astara Celestial Services & Wellness Products 1-855 303-8022

Crystal Beach, Ontario                                                       Hamilton, Ontario
Anita V. Shewchuk, BF                                                      Therese Bird, BF, EFP
905 894-8304                                                                      905 719-7179                                           
also available for appointments at:  Thrive
Ridgeway, Ontario
289 876-8585
Hamilton, Ontario                                                                Oakville, Ontario
Don Cheff, BF                                                                         Sandra Lepholtz, BF
Oasis Spa for the Soul                                                           The Healing Place in Oakville
905 543-9387                                                                         905 599-0702                                         

Port Colborne, Ontario St. Catharines & Thorold, Ontario        
Debbie Boehlen, BF, EFP Cindy Nilsen, BF
The Canadian Centre of Indian Head Massage         905 227-1118
289 836-8149

Welland and Niagara Peninsula St. Catharines & surrounding area Jocelyne Desautels, BP Deborah Corbett, BP, EFP 905 732-5562 Light as a Feather 289 241-9591

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